Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change! so inevitable

Ambition, success, and a want of 'more'- Yeah, that's why I'm doing what I'm doing.

People, relationships and then you with your 'self'- Yeah, that is how it is ultimately going to be. I sometimes feel like playing the role of the person you all want me to be in. Role changes and with it I discover something new I'm capable of. Why not? I want to play the role of that person you will love me for. Who knows tomorrow it becomes a part of my personality? Don't we do exactly the same thing in our lives? Would we be what we are without knowing the opinion of others? Think! Think over this because it is worth a thought.

So what are we? We are what we are when we are with others.No one pretends because what you pretend is what you are capable of acting and when you are capable of projecting what you are not, deeply somewhere you are capable of being one you have within you. Secret of happiness is having the knowledge that every beginning has an end- That nothing is permanent and if it is good, very strangely, the end is going to be depressing.

I would not want something to end which is capable of making me happy and when I desire eternity, I expect consistency in ways that are capable of making me happy. Again, no one thing can remain exactly the same because change is a law of nature and when change gets in, we complain.

You change, I change, technology changes, industrial revolution, more companies, and with it more employment. More job opportunities, and with it higher frequency of changing jobs. You meet some somewhere and then you meet someone else somewhere else. Why just jobs? Why not educational Institutes? Other side to it- One relationship multiplies your relationship network.

You get hooked up with one and you meet his friend. Then through him you meet his relative. There are some you (out of nowhere) relate to and you open your heart out and that is when you are emotionally attached. Human yeah! We are consciously and subconsciously in search of someone who can understand us the way we understand ourselves.
The same process begins- We desire the relationship till eternity, expect consistency and then when change gets in , we complain.

Yeah life is strange but you know it is good. It is all about accepting the law of nature. Once that is done, you learn to live every moment spent in that relationship without being much bothered of the future. You learn to finally spend time with relationships.

Every relationship is a lifetime on its own- what has a beginning has an end. (smiles)

- Written by Vrushali Deshpande

Monday, May 12, 2008

Simplicity of Life

I look at life with an enthused spirit waiting to pour its energy on worthy things. Life is an endless journey which has its own way of accompanying my wandering soul. I meet some people who hold my hand & they decide to walk with me. These people & their stay in my life I cannot foresee. Life for me is living in the present, cherishing what I receive ‘now’ from people & things.

There are things that I do not need & there are people, who do not need me. There are words which we remember the whole of our life & there are words which we know are not worth registering.

I sleep peaceful nights because within my body lies a soul which is pure in its thoughts. I wear a face of true smiles because within me lies blessing for human beings.

Some relationships talk too much to understand if the base is strong or weak.
Some relationships go quiet because they have their own reason which is seldom communicated.

Best form of love is expression of the feeling you have towards someone. Love is love when it shows on the face & speaks in silence. Love is love when all attempts are made to convey the good intentions & it fails with no outrage for the person involved.

Life does not stop love whether there’s a busy life ahead, whether there’s someone’s absence, whether there are too many things at that time to think about.

And love does not stop life because life goes on whether there’s love, hatred or simply plain ignorance.

Written by Vrushali Deshpande

Friday, November 9, 2007

Rishabh's Story

That night Rishabh cried with words of his life. His voice could not find the direction of his words because they were creating an impact in every letter. Samira surrendered herself to that moment when he began narrating what had happen to him.

“I love my sister, I love my mother and then I do not know what loving everyone is about. This huge telephone bill will tell you that I am not comfortable with people I meet. I share when they cannot see me because it keeps me away from embarrassment.

Father is busy whenever is not home and he is never home. He showered his love once when I was with him and we were together never before. He met his business partner’s wife and they both exchanged smiles. I saw him smiling for the first time. He turned his head and then I could not see that smile anymore. I was left alone with that lady who was as old as my mother.

I was ten when she tried doing something uncomfortable and all I knew that it was uncomfortable. I was not just physically weak but even mentally to understand the thing that was happening to me. I did not know the meaning of right and wrong and I did not know if this uncomfortable thing is termed as ‘wrong’. It was her touch that made me unreasonably cry- Unreasonably because what made me cry before was never this. It was not my mother’s shout; it was not my teacher's punishment for not doing homework.

It was someone touching me and that uncomfortable feeling was making me cry.

Next day I saw my father standing where I was. That day I saw him smiling for the second time in my life.

I love my sister, I love my mother and then I do not know what loving everyone is about.”

Note: Today Rishabh(name changed) is one of the successful entrepreneur's of India. His only wish was to protect his sister and give some peace to his mother. He has fulfilled his responsibilities.

Written by Vrushali Deshpande